Melting Lion Bars

That is quite a load of chocolate. I can bet if Homer Simpson was there we would be munching away, and save the citizens tax dollars.


In Kent, UK, a cargo truck exploded which caused the cholocate to melt, delaying traffic. The A2 is known for congestion, and this just made things worst.


India’s Crap Problem


India has a major crap problem. Hundreds of millions of people are without working toilets in India. Just look at the above photo, this is a daily thing in India. The government is investing in toilet training and making toilets more available to society, but it is not getting any better. India is supposed to be a superpower. Why would a superpower such as India have such a shit problem?


The problem is India’s caste system. They have social immobility and, as a result, millions are forced to crap in the streets like animals, while the ‘elite’ have their own working toilets in their nice houses. Even the lowest of society are forced to clean up the crap from the streets.

I have a friend of a friend that went to Indian a few years ago, and she was disgusted as hell. I have never been to India, and probably never will. I heard they have lush forests with abundant wildlife. I can make an exception, but I would have to stay away from the cities and all of the filth.